Born in Stoke-on-Trent, England, John studied at The Northern School of Art. He studied design & crafts in the entertainment industries. Providing many services to make him a versatile artist in various mediums. Maintaining a strong foundation in the customary arts, including, but not limited to, figure drawing, landscape painting, and illustration.
Now based in New Zealand. John provides VFX assets for live action and animated productions with Weta Digital Ltd. John has performed the role of concept artist, matte painter and background artist. Using various digital and traditional skills and medium.
As well as the visual effects industry John provides services to the themed, entertainment and animation industries such as sculpting, model making, scenic painting and prop making. Working at multiple scales and with varied subject matter. Providing his ability as a professional and versatile artist, adapting to any creative situation.

• Traditional and Digital painter, sketch artist.
• Concept Design and Visual development.
• Matte Painting / 3D Camera Projections using Maya, Vue, Photoshop and Nuke.
• Sculpting, 3D Modeling, Texturing and Camera animation.
• Environment Design and creation 2D/3D.